Thursday, January 27, 2011



today is a good day!!
i'm sooo hepi
coz our result for LEMBAGA exam 100% pass!
syukur Alhamdulillah

thanks to ibu n ayah coz alwez supporting me
without ibu n ayah..i can't survive live at kuantan
thanks to my beloved younger sister n brothers
this year can claim all ur monthly elaunce yahh..ahaha
thanks to mohd.razi for all his supporters...IMYD
thanks to all my sweet fren at kuantan, kl, jb  and many more..
last but not least, thanks to all my great tutors 
Pn. Jothi, Pn. Sabidah, Pn. Ruhaizah, Pn. Ruwati & Pn. Lim
without uolsss...i don't think all of us can get 100% pass
tengsss so much!